"We envision an island community that is empowered to choose healthier lifestyles."



We are committed to enhancing and promoting the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the people of Guam through caring communities empowered to support comprehensive mental health and substance abuse prevention and treatment programs that are culturally sensitive and consumer driven.


Quick Facts

The Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center is commonly called GBHWC.

Founded on August 19, 1983 through public law 17-21 introduce by Senator M.K. Hartsock, GBHWC become a recognized Department of GovGuam.

GBHWC can be of Service to Consumers, family members, service providers (public and private), and general public.

Any person needing mental health and drug and alcohol services can contact GBHWC. Fee schedule would allow services extended to individuals with insurance.

GBHWC's Vision is

"That more Caring Communities will be visible throughout the island promoting positive mental health and healthy lifestyles through prevention and education strategies and

That the practice of ensuring delivery of mandated mental health services reflects collaborative engagement and a Standard of Excellence".

Role is

To provide Mental Health & Substance Abuse treatment to adults & children; and to develop privately funded community based programs.

GBHWC's role as the single state entity is to provide mental health services to the population of Guam either as a direct provider of services or contract services out and have a regulatory role.


Organizational Chart of GBHWC



GBHWC History

Prior to 1983, mental health services were provided by the Guam Memorial Hospital. With the passage of Public Law 17-21, the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse was created to:

  • Provide comprehensive mental health, alcohol and drug programs and services for the people of Guam;
  • To continually strive to improve, enhance and promote the physical and mental well-being of the people of Guam who experience the life-disrupting effects of mental illness, alcoholism and drug abuse or are at risk to suffer those effects and who need such assistance.

  • To encourage the development of privately-funded community-based programs for mental health, drug and alcohol abuse, in particular those programs that employ qualified local residents.

  • Finally, as those services become developed and/or available in the Territory, the government of Guam may gradually phase out of such operations.

With over 130 staff, GBHWC has grown to meet the needs of the people of Guam. GBHWC has its main facility located across the Guam Memorial Hospital, as well as satellite offices in the J&G Commercial Center in Hagatna, and an adult mental health transitional residential service in Asan. In addition, privatized services are located in Mangilao (adult mental health permanent supportive residential service); Tamuning (child mental health residential and outpatient services; drop-in services; supported employment; consumer enrichment center); and outsourced drug and alcohol services provided by Sanctuary, OASIS and The Salvation Army.


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